APPROVAL meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary.
gain/receive approval The new strategy has yet to receive approval from the board. give your approval The IMF is unlikely to give its approval. approval of sth Approval of the loan came after several hours of discussion by the executive board.
Don't' Buy a House Without an Approval in Principle AIP for Your Home Loan.
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There three bishops were consecrated in 1528 by Peter Magnusson, who had himself been consecrated by a cardinal with the pope's' approval at Rome in 1524, for the see of Westiras, to which he had been elected by the chapter.
Getting preapproved for a mortgage -
Instead, they usually receive a commission from the lender when they arrange a transaction. Get a list of mortgage brokers in your area from Mortgage Professionals Canada. The provinces and territories regulate mortgage brokers. You can contact them to confirm that a broker is licensed or to make a complaint. Find your provincial or territorial regulator. What to provide to your lender or mortgage broker. Before preapproving you, a lender or mortgage broker will look at.:
Coach The Sale EP10 - Overcoming The Need For Approval In Sales.
We call those sales DNA, and they have to do in many ways with how do they think about their job, interacting with prospects, what a buying process should look like, how they should approach prospects, what's' acceptable, what's' not acceptable.
What approvals and decisions do I need? - Health Research Authority. HRA Health Research Authority.
To assist organisations in determining whether a project is research, we have provided this decision tool So long as the information you enter is correct, the outcome of the decision tool can be taken as authoritative, and you do not need to seek further confirmation.
Isofols drug candidate arfolitixorin receives clinical patent approval in the United States Isofol.
This better effect is due to a stronger inhibition of Thymidylate Synthase TS, a vital enzyme for the DNA synthesis and tumor growth, which can be simply measured as the increased level of the biomarker deoxyuridine in blood samples from patients.
Development Approval Process Drugs FDA.
For example, a drug intended to treat patients with a life-threatening disease for which no other therapy exists may be considered to have benefits that outweigh the risks even if those risks would be considered unacceptable for a condition that is not life threatening.
The Word Approval" in Example Sentences - Page 1.
2237458Tom nodded approval CK12271888I don't' need approval CK12644297Tom wants Mary's' approval CK1260856I asked for their approval CK12276410You don't' need my approval CK13086165This has my approval KiwiCreme275021He gave me his stamp of approval CK48851The plan is subject to his approval CK687352You must obtain approval before you can go.ulyssemc1245451I need your approval before I leave work early.CM807696This bill was sent to the Senate for its approval Source_VOA2813431You should not have done that without my approval xylian667877A man cannot be comfortable without his own approval CK61289I would be grateful for your approval of this request.CM17846With your approval, I would like to offer him the job.Zifre318123When Tobita gives a plan his seal of approval, the client accepts it at first glance.CM24179After tying up loose ends on the house, the carpenter gave the painter approval to begin work.CK20161If the quality of your product meets with our customer's' approval, we will place regular orders.CK.

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